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Thirty Minutes with Glo Teacher Khetanya Henderson

Episode Summary

In this second episode of our series about Glo teachers, Derik Mills asks Khetanya Henderson how she works through anxiety, stress, and burnout. She shares a daily routine that she uses to center herself. Khetanya also discusses what it’s like to hold space for students in online classes and announces her upcoming retreat in Costa Rica.

Episode Notes

In this interview with Glo teacher Khetanya Henderson, Khetanya shares about the power of connection, whether it is online in her Glo classes or teaching in person, and she discusses the daily routine she uses to keep herself centered. Khetanya has a retreat coming up July 22-27 with Natalie Valle that will feature Pilates, Reiki, and sound healing. There’s a link for it below. 

Khetanya has guest hosted two episodes of The Glo Podcast, The History of Home Birth and Midwifery in America, featuring Sarahn Henderson, and Building an Inward-Facing Practice with Ivorie Jenkins.


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 Khetanya’s Costa Rica Retreat: JULY 22-27 2023 PILATES, BLISS, & SOUND

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