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Bringing Healing Practices to their Fullest Potential with WalkGood LA and Ivorie Jenkins

Episode Summary

WalkGood LA was founded by an activist family in Los Angeles who wanted to make healing accessible for people of color. Through hiking, yoga, breath work, and other self-care practices, the group is working to make healing practices more accessible.

Episode Notes

Etienne Maurice, Founder & CEO of WalkGood LA, wants the organization to be a bridge for people to heal, be more mindful, and become more self-aware, through the practice of yoga and self-care. In an interview conducted by Glo teacher Ivorie Jenkins, Etienne, along with Namaste Marley Rae, Director of Health & Wellness WalkGood LA, and ‌Ivy Coco Maurice, Stylist, Creative Community Entrepreneur, and Vice-President of WalkGood LA, discuss WalkGood LA’s mission. During the podcast episode, Etienne says, “We are who we are because of our grandparents, and we are their dreams manifested. We are their wildest dreams come true. WalkGood would not have come into our minds if our grandmother didn’t tell us to walk good when we’d leave our house. ‘Walk good’ is a Jamaican euphemism that means to take care, you know, take care of yourself when you’re out in the world, but most importantly be good to yourself. And it’s a healing affirmation that stuck in my mind all the time.”

“Yoga,” added Marley, “is used to relieve suffering. That’s why we meditate, that’s why we do yoga. And if we’re not talking about the things that are causing us pain and suffering, then we’re not using this healing practice to its fullest potential. I think if we’re able to all come together and have these tools and say ‘you are valuable enough to heal and to get better,’ we can all think clearer. We can all be kinder to ourselves, to the Earth, to the people around us. And in return we can all find a solution or a resolution to social justice issues.”


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