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30 Minutes with Divya Balakrishnan: How to Reframe Your Relationship to Movement Through Yoga

Episode Summary

We add to our series of thirty-minute Glo teacher interviews with a new installment. This is a conversation with Divya Balakrishnan. Divya teaches a range of classes from Vinyasa flows to restorative classes that emphasize the body-mind connection.

Episode Notes

Divya shares with Derik Mills about how she has reframed her relationship to movement through yoga. In the conversation, Divya tells the story of her journey into yoga as a Tamil-American who did not see herself represented in the yoga industry born out of her own culture. She shares her thoughts about how to decolonize yoga by creating diverse, inclusive spaces and furthering collective wellness as a form of social justice. Divya breaks down yogic techniques in a way that are transferable off the mat, turning a practice into a lifestyle.


Divya’s Website

Divya’s YouTube, with videos about yoga, wellness, travel, and lifestyle 

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Hot Spot Yoga in Oakland (mentioned in the episode)

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