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The Reflective Path: Kia Miller and Jason Crandell on Harmonizing Mind and Body

Episode Summary

Glo teachers Kia Miller and Jason Crandell dialogue about how Jason uses his yoga practice to help manage ADHD and stay focused. They discuss how they see the yoga postures as pathways into deep states of being; together, they reframe their concept of the yoga postures to make the postures more functional, as part of an effort to train the body toward a more supportive practice, not a practice merely centered on building strength or conditioning.

Episode Notes

Kia Miller guest-hosts this episode in which she interviews Jason Crandell about ADHD, self-regulation, and turning challenges into assets.

Kia shares her insights about how yoga has been useful as a practice to recognize egoist behaviors and cultivate self-awareness. Kia and Jason talk about how they apply the principles learned on the mat to everyday life.

They wrap up their conversation by discussing the value of staying curious, continually learning and innovating as teachers, seeking new challenges. They pay homage to some of their favorite teachers, like Annie Carpenter and Elena Brower.

Key Takeaways for this Episode

(00:03) ADHD

(13:14) Reflecting on yoga practice and transformation 

(19:29) Self-responsibility in yoga practice 

(40:29) Glimpses of self-truths in yoga 

(53:27) The functional approach in yoga 

(01:04:40) Yoga teacher mentors and mentees


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