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Dr. Yasmene Mumby on The Glo Podcast: The Heart of Activism

Episode Summary

Dr. Yasmene Mumby gets to the heart of the uncomfortable truths that live deep within each of us. Truths that are not only difficult to express and hear, but crucial to fulfilling our potential and living a life of authenticity, compassion, and connection.

Episode Notes

Derik Mills in a powerful conversation with Dr. Yasmene Mumby, discussing her journey as a writer, activist, artist, wellbeing guide, middle school teacher, community organizer, and law student. 

She is the creator of a multi-part audio-memoir series called Ahimsa, and author of “Amplify Black Voices: Yoga, You Can Do Better,” an influential article she wrote for Elephant Journal about her experience as a Black woman in the “predominantly white-centered yoga community.” 

Dr. Mumby shares how a series of extreme health scares, including two benign tumor surgeries and an eye stroke, caused her to go temporarily blind. The experiences inspired her to view self-care as a form of activism, and how maintaining a healthy sense of wellbeing, both mentally and physically, is integral to our ability to serve others.

Practice with Dr. Mumby on Glo! Her meditations offer insights on how to shift intuition into action, create an internal refuge of support, and connect with your compassion for others.


Dr. Mumby’s website;

On her website you will find links to her audio documentaries Ahimsa and Higher Purpose, her articles, and the interviews we refer to in our conversation.  

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