The Glo Podcast

The Glo Podcast asks questions about self-care, deepening your sense of self and inspiring you to take action for a better world. Derik Mills, co-founder and co-CEO of, speaks with guests about their practices and solutions for managing burnout, getting more sleep, dealing with anxiety, and becoming a better listener.

We deepen our understanding of the connections we make in inner experiences that emerge from our biology, within our psychology, and through physical movement, and bring them into our outer experiences of relationships, workplace culture, and leadership. Self-care extends into our work life, our family life, and our innermost experiences of self. Self-care is not merely a concept we use to explore ourselves. It is a complexity of practices we can do with each other and by ourselves. We cover meditation and yoga practices, strategies to develop more inner strength and calm, and life choices to help you work with anxiety and burnout.

Glo connects people through self-care so that, together, we can heal ourselves and our planet.